Musings on the World of Vinyl

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  • Do First Pressings Sound Better?

    By Steffen Smith

    I get a lot of questions about first pressings of records. Specifically, “Are the first versions of an album more valuable?” And, “Do first pressings sound better?” The answer to the first question is yes. First pressings of a vinyl record are generally more desirable. 

  • How to Grade & Value Your Records — Part 2

    By Steffen Smith

    This is part 2 in the series where the Deaf Man shares his knowledge of grading and valuing your vinyl records. Do you have the next $100,000 vinyl record in your closet somewhere? Here’s how to find out. You can also read more about first pressings here. (Be sure to check out part 1 of this video series here.)
  • Bust the Dust: Learn the Best Way to Clean Vinyl Records

    By Steffen Smith

    I know, I know. Everybody thinks they have the best way for cleaning dirty records. I always say if you want to start a fight at a record show, ask a couple of hardcore vinyl guys for some record cleaning tips. A riot will break out. Because everybody’s got an opinion. Everybody thinks their method works best. They've got the best record cleaning kit and they will absolutely bore you to tears explaining their incredibly detailed, anal-retentive process for cleaning records.

  • How to Grade & Value Your Records

    By Steffen Smith

    The Deaf Man shares his knowledge in this Youtube video “record selling masterclass.” Learn about artists that always sell, how to value your own records and grade according to the accepted Goldmine standards — and discover if you're sitting on gold!
  • The 10 Hippiest Albums of All Time

    By admin

    Hey, what’s groovin’? I’m Natalie Sadler, a recent college graduate, a long-time friend of the Deaf Man himself and a connoisseur of classic rock. Wait, wait — a 21-year-old “Zoomer” who likes classic rock? I know, shocking! I began my classic rock journey during my junior year of high school, after a friend got me into Fleetwood Mac.
  • How to Deep Clean Your Records

    By Steffen Smith

    The Deaf Man shares his tips in this Youtube video on the best way to clean your valuable vinyl records of persistent dust — without creating mudd and cement!

  • So, Why Start an Online Record Store in the Middle of a Pandemic?

    By Steffen Smith

    Well, why not? Turns out all this enforced seclusion is rocket fuel for dreamers and schemers. With a little time on my hands, a passion for all things vinyl quickly went from an eBay side hustle to something much bigger. Out of the COVID chaos, Deaf Man Vinyl was born on this day, May 25, 2020. No junk. Just a lovingly curated list of really great records. Important albums. Classics. Music that should be heard.