The Deaf Man remembers his first turntable — a classic Technics SL-B1 belt drive with a nice Audio-Technica cartridge. Nothing fancy. Couldn’t afford it. But a solid, dependable record player with all the right features. And that’s exactly what we sell today (we can’t afford a $1,200 audiophile rig today, either!). We’re an approved Audio-Technica dealer, and love their products — the models we carry are about as good as it gets for mid-priced bang-for-your-buck. We also carry some sharp-looking, entry-level models from ION Audio, which feature Bluetooth connectivity and come with software for converting your vinyl to digital. We have some nice value-priced players from Crosley — perfect if you want to dip your toe in and are tight on cash (and space). And, on the high-end, we’re getting acquainted with the new Angels Horn models. And we love Edifier speakers, which fit perfectly on your bookshelf. We’re always here to answer your questions, and happy to walk you through the options for picking the perfect turntable for you. Be sure to check out our YouTube video series on choosing and connecting your turntable. Keep em’ spinning!