· By Steffen Smith

How to Deep Clean Your Records

The Deaf Man shares his tips in this Youtube video on the best way to clean your valuable vinyl records of persistent dust — without creating mudd and cement!



  • Hi Doug!

    Our blog doesn’t notify us of comments, so we’re just seeing yours. Sorry!

    Inner sleeves are the (usually) paper sleeves that hold your vinyl and fit INSIDE the cardboard jacket. Paper is the default, but you can also upgrade to plastic ones or paper lined with plastic.

    Outer sleeves are the plastic sleeves that fit around the OUTSIDE of the entire cardboard jacket. They come in different weights and clarities and are meant to protect and keep your jacket in good condition.

    Hope that helps!

    The Deaf Man on

  • So looking at your website, I didn’t see how to ask a ? so here it is. What’s the difference between inner sleeves and outer sleeves? I thought a sleeve is a sleeve.

    Doug Stanton on

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