Acacia Strain Step Into The Light

Acacia Strain — Step Into The Light (Yellow)

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Limited Edition Highlighter Yellow Vinyl LP

One of two albums released in 2023 by the metalcore/deathcore band The Acacia Strain. The album was released on the same day as their Failure Will Follow album. Step Into The Light consists of 10 hardcore-style tracks that are mostly each under three minutes long. It features guest vocals from Jacob Lilly (Chamber) and Josef Alfonso (Sunami).

Released: 5/12/23

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Label: Rise Records

Variant: Highlighter Yellow

Format: 1-LP
Limited Edition
Explicit Content

  1. Flourishing (1:17)
  2. Calf's Blood (1:40)
  3. Chain (feat. Jacob Lilly) (1:12)
  4. Fresh Bones (2:29)
  5. Teeth Of The Cursed Dog (2:40)
  6. Open Wound (1:54)
  7. Sinkhole (feat. Josef Alfonso) (3:50)
  8. Is This Really Happening? (2:57)
  9. Untended Graves (2:17)
  10. None Of Us Asked To Be Here (3:17)