Whiskey Myers — Early Morning Shakes (2-LP)

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Double Vinyl LP Pressing

Early Morning Shakes represents the culmination of years of dedication, experimentation and refinement. Visceral and dynamic, the album’s 12 songs encompass an impressive range of perspectives and emotions, while finding the band’s musicianship honed to a razor’s edge. As guitarist John Jeffers explains, “Staying true to ourselves and to our music has gotten us to the point we’re at. We really wanted to continue on that same track.”

Released: 2/11/14

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Label: Wiggy Thump Records

Variant: Black

Format: 2-LP

  1. Early Morning Shakes
  2. Hard Row to Hoe
  3. Dogwood
  4. Shelter from the Rain
  5. Home
  6. Headstone
  7. Where the Sun Don't Shine
  8. Reckoning
  9. Wild Baby Shake Me
  10. Lightning
  11. Need a Little Time Off for Bad Behavior
  12. Colloquy