1. U2 October vinyl record
  2. U2 October vinyl record

U2 — October

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Limited Edition Reissue

While on a break from the Boy tour, U2 hit the studio for their second release. Bono was forced to improvise lyrics on the fly after a briefcase went missing with his notebooks and lyric sheets. The second single off the album, “Gloria,” is among the songs from October that still make it into U2 set lists to this day.

Released: 7/22/08

Label: Island

Variant: Black

Format: LP Reissue

  1. Gloria
  2. I Fall Down
  3. I Threw A Brick Through A Window
  4. Rejoice
  5. Fire
  6. Tomorrow
  7. October
  8. With A Shout
  9. Stranger In A Strange Land
  10. Scarlet
  11. Is That All?