Tool — Lateralus (Picture Disc 2-LP)

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Double Picture Disc Vinyl Pressing

Tool’s third studio album took five years to make. But Lateralus proves the L.A.-based Tool “are obsessed with weight, the cumulative force of muscle, imagination and immaculately wrought suspense. Tool have everything it takes to beat you senseless … here, Tool go to extravagant lengths to drown you in sensation.” –Rolling Stone

Each side features a different picture and the album is packaged in a plastic gatefold with holographic foil.

Released: 8/23/05

Label: Volcano

Variant: Picture Disc

Format: 2-LP

  1. The Grudge
  2. Eon Blue Apocalypse
  3. The Patient
  4. Mantra
  5. Schism
  6. Parabol
  7. Parabola
  8. Ticks & Leeches
  9. Lateralis
  10. Disposition
  11. Reflection
  12. Triad
  13. Faaip de Oiad