1. Tom Waits Alice Ann. Ed. Metallic Gold 2LP
  2. Tom Waits Alice Ann. Ed. Metallic Gold 2LP

Tom Waits — Alice (Ann. Ed. Metallic Gold 2-LP)

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Metallic Gold 180-Gram Double Vinyl 20th Anniversary Edition

Waits’ 14th studio album was originally released in 2002. The album contains most of the songs written for the play Alice. The adaptation was directed by Robert Wilson, who Waits had previously worked with on the play The Black Rider, and originally set up at the Thalia Theatre in Hamburg in 1992. The play has since been performed in various theaters around the world.

Released: 10/28/22

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Label: Anti

Variant: 180-Gram
Metallic Gold
Side D Etching

Format: Limited Edition
20th Anniversary

  1. Alice
  2. Everything You Can Think
  3. Flower’s Grave
  4. No One Knows I’m Gone
  5. Kommienezuspadt
  6. Poor Edward
  7. Table Top Joe
  8. Lost In The Harbour
  9. We’re All Mad Here
  10. Watch Her Disappear
  11. Reeperbahn
  12. I’m Still Here
  13. Fish & Bird
  14. Barcarolle
  15. Fawn
  16. [Side 4 Etching]