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Strokes — Room On Fire

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LP Vinyl Pressing

The Strokes’ second studio album was originally released in October 2003, following 2001’s Is This It. Three singles were released: “12:51,” “Reptilia” and “The End Has No End.” The album features a slightly smoother sound than its predecessor. The bass guitar is less present except for several moments when it becomes the focal point of the song. The album title Room On Fire was drawn from a line in “Reptilia”: “The room is on fire as she’s fixing her hair.” The record debuted at #4 on the Billboard 200.

Released: 10/28/03

Label: RCA

Variant: Black

Format: LP

  1. What Ever Happened?
  2. Reptilia
  3. Automatic Stop
  4. 12:51
  5. You Talk Way Too Much
  6. Between Love & Hate
  7. Meet Me In The Bathroom
  8. Under Control
  9. Way It Is
  10. End Has No End
  11. I Can’t Win