Stevie Ray Vaughan Soul To Soul

Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble — Soul To Soul

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180-Gram Vinyl Pressing

Vaughan’s third studio album, Soul To Soul, was released in 1985, two years after his massive debut Texas Flood. Moving more into a soulful R&B-tinged blues sound, Vaughan included two new band members on keyboard and saxophone.

Released: 11/6/12

Label: Music on Vinyl

Vinyl: 180-Gram

Format: 1-LP

  1. Say What
  2. Lookin’ Out The Window
  3. Look At Little Sister
  4. Ain’t Gone ‘N’ Give Up On Love
  5. Gone Home
  6. Change It
  7. You’ll Be Mine
  8. Empty Arms
  9. Come on (Pt. III)
  10. Life Without You