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Slayer — Live Undead (Split Blue & Black Vinyl)

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Limited Blue & Black Colored Vinyl LP Pressing

Recorded in New York City, Live Undead is Slayer’s first live album. The album begins with an extended introduction of “Black Magic,” followed by a small speech. The remaining tracks include those from both 1983’s Show No Mercy and 1984’s Haunting The Chapel.

Released: 10/22/21

Label: Metal Blade

Variant: Split Blue & Black

Format: Limited Edition

  1. Black Magic
  2. Die By The Sword
  3. Captor Of Sin
  4. The Antichrist
  5. Evil Has No Boundaries
  6. Show No Mercy
  7. Aggressive Perfector
  8. Chemical Warfare
  9. Captor Of Sin
  10. Haunting the Chapel
  11. Aggressive Perfector