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Sisters of Mercy — Greatest Hits Volume 1: A Slight Case Of Overbombing (2-LP)

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Double Black Vinyl

Sometimes you just need to embrace the darkness. The Leeds goth masters are well-represented on this 2-LP compilation featuring all of the band’s UK hits, including “This Corrosion,” “Dominion / Mother Russia,” “Vision Thing” and “Doctor Jeep.”

Released: 6/15/18

Label: Warner Music Group

Variant: Black

Format: 2-LP Reissue
Gatefold Jacket
Greatest Hits

  1. Under The Gun
  2. Temple Of Love
  3. Vision Thing
  4. Detonation Boulevard
  5. Doctor Jeep
  6. More
  7. Lucretia My Reflection
  8. Dominion / Mother Russia
  9. This Corrosion
  10. No Time To Cry
  11. Walk Away
  12. Body And Soul