Sinsaenum — Repulsion For Humanity (2-LP)

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Double Black 180-Gram Vinyl LP

Formed in 2016, Sinsaenum is a multinational blackened death metal supergroup featuring French guitarists Frédéric Leclercq and Stéphane Buriez, American vocalist Sean Zatorsky in a co-lead role with Hungarian vocalist Attila Csihar, and French bassist Heimoth. American Joey Jordison played drums up until his death in July 2021. Sinsaenum released their debut album, Echoes Of The Tortured, in July 2016.

Their second album, Repulsion For Humanity, was recorded in Sainte-Marthe studio in Paris by Francis Caste, and was released in 2018. The album differed from the previous work by the presence of groove and nu metal sound.

Released: 8/10/18

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Label: Earache Records

Variant: Black

Format: 2-LP

  1. Repulsion for Humanity
  2. Final Resolve
  3. Sworn to Hell
  4. I Stand Alone
  5. Rise of the Light Bearer
  6. Manifestation of Ignorance
  7. Sacred Martyr
  8. My Swan Song
  9. Nuit Noire
  10. Insects
  11. Forsaken