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Shooter Jennings — Put The O Back In Country

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Debut Album on Black Vinyl

The son of legendary parents Waylon Jennings and Jessi Colter, Shooter Jennings makes his own mark with this debut. Jennings aims to restore country music’s purity, setting it ablaze with an affirmation that country music — real country music — is back. With a guest appearance from George Jones, the album is a little bit country, but a lot more rock & roll, and filled to the brim with Waylon-like attitude.

Released: 3/29/05

Label: Universal

Variant: Black

Format: 1-LP

  1. Put The O Back In Country
  2. 4th Of July (w/George Jones)
  3. Lonesome Blues
  4. Solid Country Gold
  5. Busted In Baylor County
  6. Sweet Savannah
  7. Steady At The Wheel
  8. Manifesto No. 1
  9. Letter
  10. Southern Comfort
  11. Daddy’s Farm