1. Scott H. Biram The Bad Testament
  2. Scott H. Biram The Bad Testament

Scott H. Biram — The Bad Testament

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180-Gram Black Vinyl LP

With the heart of a genuine Texas bluesman, the head (banging) of Zappa and Lemmy, and boots resting in the dust outside of town at sunrise, Scott H. Biram journeys through the harrowing human condition like no one else. A walk on the Biram side-straddles the chasm between sin and redemption, and The Bad Testament lands somewhere west of the Old Testament and south of an AA handbook. It’s a record of hard-grinding lost love and deep, dark Americana with songwriting on the razor’s edge of aggression and deftness, thoroughly contemporary but steeped in the backwaters, back porches, and back alleys of our collective musical heritage.

Released: 2/24/17

Label: Bloodshot Records

Variant: 180-Gram

Format: LP
Explicit Content

  1. Set Me Free
  2. Still Around
  3. Red Wine
  4. Train Wrecker
  5. Long Old Time
  6. Swift Driftin’
  7. Righteous Ways
  8. Crippled & Crazy
  9. Feel So Wrong
  10. True Religion
  11. Hit The River
  12. Pressin’ On
  13. What Doesn’t Kill You