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Run DMC — Raising Hell

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Reissued on black vinyl

Musically, this one indeed raises hell — crammed to the brim with hard-hitting hooks, loops, samples, scratches, inventive tongue-twisting braggadocio and catchy choruses. The album’s flag bearer is undoubtedly “Walk This Way,” a hip-hop collaboration with hard rockers Aerosmith.

Label: Arista Records

Vinyl: Black

Format: LP

  1. Peter Piper
  2. It’s Tricky
  3. My Adidas
  4. Walk This Way, feat. Aerosmith
  5. Is It Live
  6. Perfection
  7. Hit It Run
  8. Raising Hell
  9. You Be Illin’
  10. Dumb Girl
  11. Son Of Byford
  12. Proud to Be Black