1. Pristine Platters Record Cleaning Solution Cloth
  2. Pristine Platters Record Cleaning Solution Cloth
  3. Pristine Platters Record Cleaning Solution Cloth
Pristine Platters

Record Cleaning Kit (Pristine Platters)

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 Cleaning Fluid  + Microfiber Cloth

Pristine Platters is a unique cleaning formula that restores records to their most playable condition, while avoiding harsh chemicals and unwanted buildup. The microfiber cloth cleans deep inside the groove, not just the surface.

NOTE: You’ll want to “dry” clean your records before breaking out the cleaning liquid. Use a carbon fiber brush and then a cleaning pad to get out as much dust as you can before wet cleaning. Otherwise, you’re going to be making mud (dust + liquid = a mess)! Check out our record-cleaning tips video or read our blog on the best way to clean your vinyl records.

You’ll find we carry a great selection of vinyl care products, including a nice carbon fiber brush for busting up the static as you get deep into the grooves. 

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• 8 fl. oz. bottle of cleaning fluid
• Microfiber cloth (machine washable)
• Ships via ground