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Portugal The Man — Oregon City Sessions (2-LP)

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Double LP Pressing

In 2008, after several albums and hundreds of shows, the young band from Alaska piled into a Portland, Oregon, studio with all their live gear and a handful of friends. In 2021, they dug out the Oregon City Sessions from the archives — a snapshot of raw talent before they won awards, before they sold millions of records, before they headlined festivals.

Released: 2021

Label: Approaching Airballoons

Variant: Black

Format: 2-LP

  1. Church Mouth
  2. House Warming Party
  3. New Orleans
  4. Bellies Are Full
  5. 1989
  6. My Mind / The Home
  7. Lay Me Back Down
  8. Chicago
  9. And I
  10. The Devil
  11. AKA M80 The Wolf
  12. Colors
  13. March With 6 / Elephants / Sit Back And Dream
  14. Tommy / Helter Skelter