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Pixies — Doolittle

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Doolittle, the second studio album from The Pixies, features an eclectic mix of musical styles — from fast and aggressive numbers that incorporate the band’s trademark loud/quiet dynamic, to quieter, slower and more melodic songs such as “Silver,” “I Bleed”and “Here Comes Your Man.”

Label: V2



  1. <strong>Tracklist:</strong><br><ol><br> <li>Debaser</li> <li>Tame</li> <li>Wave of Mutilation</li> <li>I Bleed</li> <li>Here Comes Your Man</li> <li>Dead</li> <li>Monkey Gone To Heaven</li> <li>Mr. Grieves</li> <li>Crackity Jones</li> <li> La Love You</li> <li>No. 13 Baby</li> <li>There Goes My Gun</li> <li>Hey</li> <li>Silver</li> <li>Gouge Away</li></ol>