Pierce The Veil Selfish Machines

Pierce The Veil — Selfish Machines

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Black Vinyl LP Reissue

Pierce The Veil’s sophomore album, 2010’s Selfish Machines, was a sign of what was to come — a release that’s considered the first glimpse of the band’s impending success. On the long-awaited follow up the genre-defying debut, the band consciously set out to write an album that was fun to play and exciting for fans to hear live. The result was 12 tracks of catchy pop hooks paired with metal-tinged guitars and aggressive vocals.

Released: 8/11/23

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Label: Equal Vision Records

Variant: Black

Format: LP Reissue
Explicit Content

  1. Besitos
  2. Southern Constellations
  3. The Boy Who Could Fly
  4. Caraphernelia
  5. Fast Times At Clairemont High
  6. The New National Anthem
  7. Bulletproof Love
  8. Stay Away From My Friends
  9. I Don’t Care If You’re Contagious
  10. Disasterology
  11. Million Dollar Houses (The Painter)
  12. The Sky Under The Sea
  13. Kissing In Cars