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  2. Nirvana Incesticide

Nirvana — Incesticide (20th Ann. 2-LP)

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20th Anniversary on 180-Gram 2-LP

More than just a B-sides collection, Incesticide culls together Nirvana’s work before and around their now-legendary albums — a compilation of material recorded for the John Peel Sessions, rare singles from their early tenure with Sub Pop, and previously unreleased tracks. Released between the groundbreaking Nevermind and the artsier In Utero, the tracks on this album shed new light on Nirvana’s oeuvre, filling in the gaps between official releases and providing fans with a wider variety of recordings from different sources. Highlights include three covers taken from the John Peel sessions: a Devo tune (“Turnaround”) and two songs by Scotland’s The Vaselines. The famous quasi-live recording conditions of the BBC sessions provide another standout, the surging, desperate "Aneurysm," which remains one of Nirvana’s finest recorded moments.

Released: 11/23/12

Label: Geffen Records

Variant: 180-Gram
Cut at 45RPM

Format: 2-LP
Remastered by Bernie Grundman
Lyric Sheet
Gatefold Jacket

  1. Dive
  2. Downer
  3. Mexican Seafood
  4. Hairspray Queen
  5. Aerozeppelin
  6. Big Long Now
  7. Aneursym
  8. Sliver
  9. Stain
  10. Been A Son
  11. Turnaround
  12. Molly’s Lips
  13. Son Of A Gun
  14. (New Wave) Polly
  15. Beeswax