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Nirvana — Bleach (Debut)

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Remastered from the Original Tapes

Revisit the days before Nirvana went worldwide with their raw and raging Sub Pop debut. Fun fact: the album title refers to 1980s-era public health posters urging heroin injectors to use bleach to clean their needles and prevent HIV transmission.

Released: 10/1/93

Label: Sub Pop

Variant: Black

Format: Remastered
Digital Download

  1. Blew
  2. Floyd The Barber
  3. About A Girl
  4. School
  5. Love Buzz
  6. Paper Cuts
  7. Negative Creep
  8. Scoff
  9. Swap Meet
  10. Mr. Moustache
  11. Sifting
  12. Big Cheese
  13. Downer