My Vinyl Collection

By Jenna Miles
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How To Build, Maintain, And Experience a Music Collection in Analog

Vinyl records are back, baby! Music lovers are turning back to vinyl for its pure sound and the fun of collecting. If you’re an avid collector or are just looking to get started, this book will walk you through the basics of what is sure to become your newest passion.

Whether your musical tastes are jazz, rock, country, classical or showtunes, you can find vinyl records from your favorite artists — but you have to know where to look. And DJ-turned-vinyl expert Jenna Miles will let you know all that and more! With essential guidance on storing, cleaning and fixing records, this guided journal is a must-have for music fans everywhere.

Includes a guided journal, expert advice, lists and a log to keep track of more than 300 records.

Format: Softcover
6" x 8"

Pages: 272

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