1. Mobb Deep The Infamous 2-LP
  2. Mobb Deep The Infamous 2-LP

Mobb Deep — The Infamous (2-LP)

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Limited Double 180-Gram Vinyl LP

Originally released in 1995, The Infamous is the second studio album by hip-hop duo Mobb Deep. The album features guest appearances from Nas and Wu-Tang Clan members Reakwon and Ghostface Killah. It marked Mobb Deep’s transition from a relatively unknown rap duo to an influential and commercially successful one. One of the cornerstones of the New York hardcore movement, The Infamous is Mobb Deep’s masterpiece, a relentlessly bleak song cycle that’s been hailed by hardcore rap fans as one of the most realistic gangsta albums ever recorded. This is hard, underground hip-hop that demands to be met on its own terms, with few melodic hooks to draw the listener in. Similarly, there’s little pleasure or relief offered in the picture of the streets Mobb Deep paint here. They inhabit a war zone where crime and paranoia hang constantly in the air. The product of an uncommon artistic vision, The Infamous stands as an all-time gangsta/hardcore classic.

Reissued: 9/18/15

Label: Music On Vinyl

Variant: Black

Format: 2-LP

  1. The Start Of Your Ending (41st Side)
  2. [The Infamous Prelude]
  3. Survival Of The Fittest
  4. Eye For A Eye (Your Beef Is Mines)
  5. [Just Step Prelude]
  6. Give Up The Goods (Just Step)
  7. Temperature’s Rising
  8. Up North Trip
  9. Trife Life
  10. Q.U. - Hectic
  11. Right Back At You
  12. [The Grave Prelude]
  13. Cradle To The Grave
  14. Drink Away The Pain (Situations)
  15. Shook Ones Pt. II
  16. Party Over