Mary Chapin Carpenter — One Night Lonely (3-LP)

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Limited Triple Vinyl Pressing

This rare solo performance was recorded in 2020 with no audience at the Filene Center at Wolf Trap, in Vienna, VA. Of the performance, Carpenter shared, “Strange yet magical, those are my words to describe this feeling of being alone on this hometown stage at Wolf Trap. I am struck by the stillness of the empty seats and the lonely echo of all this space. While I miss seeing the audience and feeling that connection, I am grateful for the opportunity to play a solo show, which I haven’t done for a very long time … The fact that this new performance comes 25 years after the release of my live special, Jubilee: Live from Wolf Trap, only makes the occasion sweeter.”

Released: 7/12/21

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Label: Lambent Light Records

Variant: Black

Format: 3-LP

  1. The Age Of Miracles
  2. Chasing What’s Already Gone
  3. Farther Along And Further In
  4. Sometimes Just The Sky
  5. I Have A Need For Solitude
  6. Something Tamed, Something Wild
  7. Houston
  8. I Take My Chances
  9. Grand Central Station
  10. All Broken Hearts Break Differently
  11. This Shirt
  12. I Am A Town
  13. Stones In The Road
  14. Heroes And Heroines
  15. Old D-35
  16. This Is Love
  17. John Doe No. 24
  18. Don’t Need Much To Be Happy
  19. He Thinks He’ll Keep Her
  20. Why Shouldn’t We
  21. Twilight
  22. Late For Your Life
  23. The Hard Way
  24. Between The Dirt And The Stars
  25. The Things That We Are Made Of
  26. Traveler’s Prayer