1. Machine Head Of Kingdom And Crown Red 2lp
  2. Machine Head Of Kingdom And Crown Red 2lp

Machine Head — Øf Kingdøm And Crøwn (Red 2-LP)

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Double Red Vinyl LP Pressing

Undisputed masters of murderous riffs, pugnacious grooves and ferocious hooks since 1991, Machine Head are back with their most crushing and complete album yet. Øf Kingdøm And Crøwn is an hour-long conceptual monolith, rich in colour and dynamics but hellbent on destruction. Set in a futuristic wasteland where the sky is always crimson red, Øf Kingdøm And Crøwn tells the tale of two characters, both faced with incalculable trauma, whose stories become bloodily entwined as this deep, dark record progresses. Album opener, “Slaughter The Martyr,” sets the tone not only for the record, but also for the aural and psychological exploration the listener is about to embark on. The album ends with arguably the finest song Machine Head have ever written: “Arrøws In Wørds Frøm The Sky,” the grandiose but emotionally visceral climax to the finest and most ferocious album of the band’s 30-year career.

Released: 11/25/22

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Label: Nuclear Blast

Variant: Translucent Red

Format: 2-LP
Explicit Contents

  1. Slaughter The Martyr
  2. Chøke Øn The Ashes Øf Yøur Hate
  3. Becøme The Firestørm
  4. Øverdøse
  5. My Hands Are Empty
  6. Unhalløwed
  7. Assimilate
  8. Kill Thy Enemies
  9. Nø Gøds, Nø Masters
  10. Bløødshøt
  11. Røtten
  12. Terminus
  13. Arrøws In Wørds Frøm The Sky