1. Mac Miller Blue Slide Park
  2. Mac Miller Blue Slide Park
  3. Mac Miller Blue Slide Park

Mac Miller — Blue Slide Park (2-LP)

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Double Vinyl LP Standard or 10th Anniversary Edition

Think Asher Roth with madder skills or Eminem without spite or baggage and you’ve got Miller in a nutshell, with some extra details being his charming, Pittsburgh-loving attitude along with his affiliation with a killer hometown production team called ID Labs, who help make Blue Slide Park sound like the old-school party rocking with the new school. This blast of college-kid enthusiasm that doubles as Miller’s official debut does come with some slight issues though, and if you don’t feel like poppin’ bottles or mackin’ on the honeys, it seems caught in a redundant loop of wine, women, and bong. Approach it unfettered and Blue Slide Park is like winning the lotto, where all of a sudden “frat” means “Animal House” and “backpacker” means “guy sneaking booze into the dorms.” Miller’s big challenge is that he follows in a long line of suburban college rappers who have thrown up whack mixtapes like they were yesterday’s punch bowl, but this memorable debut steps right around that mess and suggests that the kids are not just all right, but all the way live. ~ David Jeffries

The limited edition 10th Anniversary Deluxe vinyl 2-LP features a die-cut gatefold jacket, clear vinyl with blue and yellow splatter, and a re-creation of 2011’s Blue Slide Park U.S. tour poster.

Released: 3/20/12

10th Ann: 3/31/23


Label: Ingrooves / Rostrum Records

Variant: Standard: Black
10th Ann: Transparent Splatter

Format: 2-LP
10th Ann: Poster

  1. English Lane
  2. Blue Slide Park
  3. Party On Fifth Ave
  4. Pa Nights
  5. Frick Park Market
  6. Smile Back
  7. Under The Weather
  8. Of The Soul
  9. My Team
  10. Up All Night
  11. Loitering
  12. Hole In My Pocket
  13. Diamonds & Gold
  14. Missed Calls
  15. Man In The Hat
  16. One Last Thing