Lynyrd Skynyrd — Icon (Greatest Hits)

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This is the definitive collection of iconic recordings from one of Southern Rock’s most memorable (and successful) acts. From hit singles to fan favorites and album tracks, this compilation of great tunes tells a more fulfilling story than any written biography ever could. Includes the famous live version of “Free Bird.”

Released: 10/16/20

Label: Geffen

Variant: Black

Format: 1-LP
Greatest Hits

  1. Sweet Home Alabama
  2. I Ain’t The One
  3. Tuesday’s Gone
  4. Gimme Three Steps
  5. Simple Man
  6. Call Me The Breeze
  7. You Got That Right
  8. That Smell
  9. Swamp Music
  10. Saturday Night Special
  11. What’s Your Name
  12. Free Bird (Live At The Fox Theatre)