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Korn — Untouchables (2-LP)

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Double Vinyl LP pressing

The fifth studio album from Korn reportedly ran $3 million and took nearly 2 years to complete. For their money, the nu-metal masters got a Grammy-winning single, Here to Stay, and hit #2 on the Billboard charts. This one is full of experiments and new styles, with heavy echoes of Helmet and Metallica.

Released: 11/2/18

Label: Epic

Variant: 140-Gram

Format: LP
Explicit Content

  1. Here To Stay
  2. Make Believe
  3. Blame
  4. Hollow Life
  5. Bottled Up Inside
  6. Thoughtless
  7. Hating
  8. One More Time
  9. Alone I Break
  10. Embrace
  11. Beat It Upright
  12. Wake Up Hate
  13. I’m Hiding
  14. No One’s There