Koe Wetzel Sellout

Koe Wetzel — Sellout

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140-Gram Vinyl LP

The Texas-born singer, songwriter, guitarist and producer continues to unapologetically trail blaze between grunge, country, Americana and damn near everything else under the sun on Sellout. The album name references his signing with major label Columbia Records.

Released: 2/19/21

Label: Columbia Records

Variant: 140-Gram

Format: 1-LP
Explicit Content

  1. Pre-Sellout
  2. Kuntry & Wistern
  3. Cold & Alone
  4. Crying From The Bathroom
  5. The Fiddler
  6. Lubbock
  7. Sidechick
  8. Drug Problem
  9. Outcast
  10. Sundy Or Mundy
  11. Good Die Young
  12. Drunk Driving
  13. Fga
  14. Post-Sellout