Johnny Cash — Christmas Spirit (Red Vinyl)

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Red Vinyl LP Reissue

Originally released in 1963, The Christmas Spirit was Cash’s first full-length holiday-themed album. Featured were four original songs by Cash, along with eight covers, including “I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day,” “Silent Night,” "Blue Christmas” and others. This is a solidly enjoyable entry from Cash, and a must-have for die-hard aficionados of the country icon. ~ Matt Collar

Label: Dol

Vinyl: Red

Format: LP

  1. The Christmas Spirit
  2. I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day
  3. Blue Christmas
  4. The Gifts They Gave
  5. Here Was A Man
  6. Christmas As I Knew It
  7. Silent Night
  8. The Little Drummer Boy
  9. Ringing The Bells For Jim
  10. We Are The Shepherds
  11. Who Kept The Sheep
  12. The Ballad Of The Harp Weaver