1. Jimi Hendrix Axis Bold As Love
  2. Jimi Hendrix Axis Bold As Love
  3. Jimi Hendrix Axis Bold As Love
  4. Jimi Hendrix Axis Bold As Love
  5. Jimi Hendrix Axis Bold As Love
  6. Jimi Hendrix Axis Bold As Love

Jimi Hendrix Experience — Axis Bold As Love

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Authorized Hendrix Family Edition

Remastered on 180-Gram Vinyl

Jimi and the Experience come out swinging on album #2, released just seven months after their incendiary debut record and six months after their stunning U.S. debut concert at the Monterey Pop Festival. Axis shows Hendrix’s evolution as a songwriter with sensitive ballads like “Little Wing” and “Castles Made of Sand.”

The album also features some serious sonic exploration — from Hendrix’s guitar feedback and tremolo-bar dive bombs to the experimental stereo panning effect, which causes the sound to revolve around the listener — notable on the album opener, “EXP.” This is also the first time Hendrix plays his guitar through a revolving Leslie speaker to create a wavering effect (the Leslie is typically used on an organ).

Interestingly, Axis almost missed its release date after Hendrix left the master tape of side one in the back seat of a London taxi. There was a hurried overnight remixing of most of the side, with bassist Noel Redding literally using an iron to smooth out the wrinkles in his tape of “If 6 Was 9.”

Remastered from the original two-track master tapes, with a gatefold sleeve and 8-page color booklet featuring rare photos and liner notes.

Released: 3/5/13


Label: Sony Legacy

Variant: 180-Gram

Format: Stereo or Mono

  1. Exp
  2. Up From The Skies
  3. Spanish Castle Magic
  4. Wait Until Tomorrow
  5. Ain’t No Telling
  6. Little Wing
  7. If 6 Was 9
  8. You Got Me Floatin’
  9. Castles Made Of Sand
  10. She’s So Fine
  11. One Rainy Wish
  12. Little Miss Lover
  13. Bold As Love