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Inner Sleeves (Audiophile Poly)

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Archival Quality Inner Sleeves (Package of 50)

MoFi (Mobile Fidelity) Original Master Sleeves help preserve your most prized recordings. These custom-designed inner sleeves protect against scratching, static buildup and contamination — common problems associated with all types of regular sleeves. Your records are irreplaceable. These inner sleeves will help them last a lifetime.

The industry standard for vinyl LP protection and storage: three-ply, anti-static design for unparalleled quality. These are the same high-quality inner sleeves used for Mobile Fidelity's own vinyl releases. They are imported, three-ply, anti-static, premium sleeves (similar to rice paper) and work with both LPs and laser discs. Back construction consists of a paper layer sandwiched between two sheets of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) with a translucent HDPE front. 

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• Fits 12" Vinyl Records & Laser Discs
• Package of 50
• Translucent
• Square corners