1. House Of Pain Fine Malt Lyrics 30 Years
  2. House Of Pain Fine Malt Lyrics 30 Years

House Of Pain — Fine Malt Lyrics: 30 Years

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140-Gram Remastered Vinyl LP

Remastered edition celebrates the 30th anniversary of House Of Pain’s debut album, Fine Malt Lyrics. Everlast, DJ Lethal & Danny Boy fashioned themselves as rowdy Irish-American hooligans, going multi-platinum. The single “Jump Around” became a hit in 1992, reaching #3 in the United States. The album also featured Cypress Hill member B-Real on the song “Put Your Head Out” and Funkdoobiest’s Son Doobie on “House And The Rising Sun,” both members of the musical collective known as Soul Assassins.

Released: 7/22/22

Label: Tommy Boy Music

Variant: Black

Format: Remastered
30th Anniversary
Explicit Content

  1. Salutations
  2. Jump Around
  3. Put Your Head Out (feat. B-Real)
  4. Top O’ The Morning To Ya
  5. Commercial 1
  6. House And The Rising Sun (feat. Son Doobie)
  7. Shamrocks And Shenanigans
  8. House Of Pain Anthem
  9. Danny Boy, Danny Boy
  10. Guess Who’s Back
  11. Commercial 2
  12. Put On Your Shit Kickers
  13. Come And Get Some Of This
  14. Life Goes On
  15. One For The Road
  16. Feel It
  17. All My Love