1. Gorillaz Cracker Island
  2. Gorillaz Cracker Island (IE Purple)

Gorillaz — Cracker Island

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Grammy Nominee for Best Alternative Album

Black or Indie Exclusive Purple Vinyl LP

Cracker Island, the Gorillaz’ eighth studio album, is an energetic, upbeat, genre-expansive collection of 10 tracks that features yet another stellar line-up of collaborators: Thundercat, Tame Impala, Bad Bunny, Stevie Nicks, Adeleye Omotayo, Bootie Brown and Beck. Recorded in London and L.A. in 2022, the title track kickstarted the new campaign hitting the charts across the globe with a Top 10 video racking up 10 million views in 10 days.

Released: 2/24/23


Label: Warner / Parlophone

Variant: Purple or Black

Format: 1-LP
Indie Exclusive (Purple)

  1. Cracker Island (feat. Thundercat)
  2. Oil (feat. Stevie Nicks)
  3. The Tired Influencer
  4. Tarantula
  5. Silent Running (feat. Adeleye Omotayo)
  6. New Gold (feat. Tame Impala & Bootie Brown)
  7. Baby Queen
  8. Tormenta (feat. Bad Bunny)
  9. Skinny Ape
  10. Possession Island (feat. Beck)