1. Ghost Infestissumam
  2. Ghost Infestissumam
  3. Ghost Infestissumam

Ghost — Infestissumam

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2014 Swedish Grammis for Best Hard Rock/Metal Album

Black Vinyl or 10th Anniversary Tangerine Orange LP

This 2013 release by the Swedish heavy metal band is their second studio album. Infestissumam (Latin meaning very or most hostile), was recorded in Nashville, TN, and was generally well-received, with several music publications placing it on their list of the best heavy metal albums of the year. Commenting on the themes of Infestissumam, a Nameless Ghoul told Decibel that while their debut album, Opus Eponymous, ended with the track “Genesis,” about the birth of the Antichrist, Infestissumam continues from the Antichrist’s birth onwards.

Released: 4/26/13
10th Ann Ed: 10/13/23


Label: Republic Records

Variant: Std: Black
10th Ann: Tangerine Orange

Format: LP Reissue
Anniversary Edition

  1. Infestissumam
  2. Per Aspera Ad Inferi
  3. Secular Haze [Album Version] [Version]
  4. Jigolo Har Megiddo
  5. Ghuleh/Zombie Queen
  6. Year Zero
  7. Body And Blood
  8. Idolatrine
  9. Depth Of Satan’s Eyes
  10. Monstrance Clock