1. Ghost Impera
  2. Ghost Impera
  3. Ghost Impera

Ghost — Impera

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Black or Indie Exclusive Orchid Vinyl

Ghost returns with their fifth psalm, Impera, and a dozen songs that take on themes of isolation and demigod worship, as well as colonization of both space and mind. Includes an illustrated 28-page booklet and “The Chronology Of Papas” sticker set (IEX version).

Released: 3/11/22


Label: Loma Vista

Variant: Orchid

Format: IEX: Booklet & Sticker

  1. Imperium
  2. Kaisarion
  3. Spillways
  4. Call Me Little Sunshine
  5. Hunter’s Moon
  6. Watcher In The Sky
  7. Dominion
  8. Twenties
  9. Darkness At The Heart Of My Love
  10. Griftwood
  11. Bite Of Passage
  12. Respite On The Spitalfields