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Fugazi — Instrument (Soundtrack)

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Packed With Unreleased Songs and Studio Outtakes

Black Vinyl LP

Fugazi’s ambient and experimental post-hardcore album is intriguing, exciting and unpredictable. Piano ballads like “I’m So Tired” demonstrate a significant departure from Fugazi’s “typical” sound. Instrument served as (you guessed it) the soundtrack for Fugazi’s documentary, Instrument. This one has plenty of previously unreleased songs, funky studio outtakes and demo versions of older material.

Released: 5/4/99

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Label: Dischord

Variant: Black

Format: LP Reissue

  1. Pink Frosty (Demo Version)
  2. Lusty Scripps
  3. Arpeggiator (Demo Version)
  4. Afterthought
  5. Trio’s
  6. Turkish Disco
  7. Me And Thumbelina
  8. Floating Boy (Demo Version)
  9. Link Track
  10. Little Debbie
  11. H.B.
  12. I’m So Tired
  13. Rend It (Demo Version)
  14. Closed Captioned (Demo Version)
  15. Guilford Fall (Demo Version)
  16. Swingset
  17. Shaken All Over
  18. Slow Crostic