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Dying Fetus — History Repeats

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Black Vinyl EP

History Repeats is a limited edition EP, featuring heavy covers from influences like Napalm Death, Bolt Thrower and Dehumanized, as well as a brand new track. After 30+ years, Dying Fetus has become a death metal institution. As the sole remaining original member, frontman John Gallagher is also the band’s driving force.
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Label: Relapse

Variant: Black

Format: EP
Limited Edition

  1. Fade Into Obscurity (Dehumanized)
  2. Unchallenged Hate (Napalm Death)
  3. Gorehog (Broken Hope)
  4. Rhypnol
  5. Unleashed Upon Mankind (Bolt Thrower)
  6. Twisted Truth (Pestilence)
  7. Born In A Casket (Cannibal Corpse)