Dragged Under — Upright Animals (Orange)

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Limited Orange Vinyl Pressing

When you strip everything else away, we rely on our animal instincts to survive. Dragged Under naturally harness this primal power in their hard-hitting hybrid of punk, rock, metal and hardcore. Choosing to progress, the Seattle quintet sharpen their claws, teeth and style on their second LP, Upright Animals.

Released: 6/10/22

Label: Mascot

Variant: Transparent Orange

Format: LP

  1. Upright Animals
  2. All Of Us
  3. Never Enough
  4. Weather
  5. Long Live The King
  6. Words For Hire
  7. No Place Like Home
  8. Suffer
  9. Crooked Halos
  10. See You Alive
  11. Brainwash Broadcast
  12. This Is The End
  13. A Million Reasons