1. dire straits love over gold
  2. dire straits love over gold

Dire Straits — Love Over Gold

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Black Vinyl LP

A number one album in the UK following its original release in September 1982, the album features two singles: “Private Investigations” and “Industrial Disease.” Love Over Gold is all about contrast, tension and crafty composition. Dire Straits’ fourth album finds the band continuing to evolve by welcoming increasingly bold arrangements and exploring moody variations. Part edgy and sharp, and part seductive and relaxed, the five lengthy songs on Love Over Gold sprawl out like a long, winding road cutting through a pastoral landscape. It doesn’t take long to realize Love Over Gold is like no other Dire Straits album — and a staunch proclamation of independence from a band that continued to take longer creative strides with each successive project.

Released: 1/22/21

Label: Mercury;Vertigo



  1. <strong>Side A:</strong><br><ol><br> <li>Telegraph Road (14:20)</li> <li>Private Investigations (7:00)</li></ol><br><strong>Side B:</strong><br><ol><br> <li>Industrial Disease (5:50)</li> <li>Love Over Gold (6:15)</li> <li>It Never Rains (7:55)</li></ol>