deftones around the fur

Deftones — Around The Fur

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180-Gram Vinyl LP

The 1997 album, Around The Fur, sees the California quartet expanding on the sheer rage of their earlier work, adding new, more sinister shades to their already extreme sound. “My Own Summer (Shove It)” serves as an introduction to the album’s sonic theme: sinewy guitars and eerie whispers alternate with fast, violent crunch. Sepultura’s Max Cavallero contributes guitar and vocals to “Headup,” while “MX” finds singer Chino trading off vocal lines with Annalynn Cunningham (wife of Deftones’ drummer Abe) in an acerbic take on the rock star mentality.

Released: 5/17/11

Label: Maverick Record Co.

Variant: 180-Gram

Format: LP Reissue

  1. My Own Summer (Shove It)
  2. Lhabia
  3. Mascara
  4. Around The Fur
  5. Rickets
  6. Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away)
  7. Lotion
  8. Dai The Flu
  9. Headup (feat. Max Cavalera)
  10. MX (feat. Annalynn Cunningham)