1. Deftones Adrenaline
  2. Deftones Adrenaline

Deftones — Adrenaline

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180-Gram Vinyl LP

Adrenaline is the 1995 debut album from the Deftones. Talking about the release, the Deftones’ original drummer Abe Cunningham said, “At the time we did the first record — which I really like and think is good — you can tell the band was really young. We’d been playing most of those songs for quite a while, and we were just so happy to be making a record that we didn’t really think a whole lot about making the songs better.” Singer Chino Moreno felt that Adrenaline was recorded “really fast,” and he performed all his vocals live with the band in the room using a hand-held Shure SM58 microphone.

Released: 6/14/11

Label: Maverick Record Co.

Variant: 180-Gram

Format: LP Reissue

  1. Bored
  2. Minus Blindfold
  3. One Weak
  4. Nosebleed
  5. Lifter
  6. Root
  7. 7 Words
  8. Birthmark
  9. Engine No. 9
  10. Fireal