1. Death Scream Bloody Gore
  2. Death Scream Bloody Gore
  3. Death Scream Bloody Gore

Death — Scream Bloody Gore

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Violet, White & Red Splatter Vinyl LP

Death’s legendary 1987 debut, Scream Bloody Gore, is more than just an untouchable album. Upon its release, it was positively genre-creating. Scream Bloody Gore founded the quintessential Death metal sound, with more tormented riffs, screams, and leads than the world had ever imagined. It also established Chuck Schuldiner’s inimitable phrasing and songwriting style as the most singular voice in the burgeoning genre. Today, the album is viewed as one of the all-time most important cornerstones of Death metal. As the final chapter in Relapse’s comprehensive Death reissue series, Scream Bloody Gore receives the deluxe reissue treatment on splatter vinyl.

Released: 4/12/24

Label: Relapse

Variant: Violet, White & Red Splatter

Format: Limited Edition
LP Reissue
Explicit Content

  1. Infernal Death
  2. Zombie Ritual
  3. Denial Of Life
  4. Sacrificial
  5. Mutilation
  6. Regurgitated Guts
  7. Baptized In Blood
  8. Torn To Pieces
  9. Evil Dead
  10. Scream Bloody Gore
  11. Beyond The Unholy Grave
  12. Land Of No Return