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Dave Matthews Band — Under The Table And Dreaming (2-LP)

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Double LP on 150-Gram Vinyl Remastered From Original Analog Tapes

Discover (or re-discover) DMB’s 1994 debut, Under the Table And Dreaming. This six-time Platinum release is brimming with catchy pop/rock hooks, alternative/post-grunge influences and plenty of saxophone/fiddle jams. This one features their first Top 40 hit, “Ants Marching,” plus a live version of “Satellite” and the fan-favorite jam, “Jimi Thing.”

Released: 6/1/18

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Label: RCA

Variant: 150-Gram

Format: Analog Remastered
Digital Download

  1. The Best Of What’s Around
  2. What Would You Say
  3. Satellite
  4. Rhyme & Reason
  5. Typical Situation
  6. Dancing Nancies
  7. Ants Marching
  8. Lover Lay Down
  9. Jimi Thing
  10. Warehouse
  11. Pay For What You Get
  12. #34