Cruel Tunes

Cruel Tunes Card Game

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Grab a copy of this Kickstarter-funded new game. Cruel Tunes is the perfect culmination of music, laughter and roasting your friends at parties, pregames or the get together after your grandma's funeral. No matter what, this game is a lot of fun and you’re sure to have a laugh or two while playing some tunes that define a generation. Feel free to create your own playlists or utilize the ones curated by the game. (Game is similar to Cards Against Humanity.)

Things you’ll need (in addition to the game):

  • A music-playing device (record player, phone, speaker, radio, MP3 player, Walkman, TV, etc.)
  • 3-12 people
  • A fun-loving & warm attitude (or an incredibly petty & despicable one) that brings out your true self 
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