1. Charley Crockett $10 Cowboy
  2. Charley Crockett $10 Cowboy IEX Sky Blue

Charley Crockett — $10 Cowboy

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IEX Opaque Sky Blue Vinyl LP

With $10 Cowboy, Crockett didn’t set out to make a themed record. He had released a concept album in 2022, the critically acclaimed Man From Waco, propelling him to new heights and establishing him as one of the leaders of a sparkling revival of traditional country and folk music. For the follow up album, Crockett wrote freely, over a two-month period, as he wound his way across the United States in the back of a tour bus. The resulting 12 songs — raw, personal, vivid portraits of a country in transition — ended up being connected after all.

$10 Cowboy was recorded at Arlyn Studios in Austin, and was produced by Crockett and his long-time collaborator Billy Horton. It was recorded live to tape, with anywhere from 6-12 musicians and backup singers on each track, giving the songs the feel of a live performance. It’s a sound Crockett has been after for years. “Reason I cut it on tape is because when you got the right people in the room, and the great players rise to the occasion when that red light is on and the tape is rolling, you get the magic of a great performance.”

Released: 4/26/24


Label: Son Of Davy

Variant: IEX: Clear Sky Blue
STD: Black

Format: LP

  1. $10 Cowboy
  2. America
  3. Hard Luck
  4. Good At Losing
  5. Getting’ Tired Again
  6. Spade
  7. Diamond In The Rough
  8. Ain’t Done Losing Yet
  9. Solitary Road
  10. City Of Roses
  11. Lead The Way
  12. Midnight Cowboy