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The Beatles

Beatles Finally Let It Be, The

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The Beatles “Get Back/Let It Be” sessions and the resulting unreleased and released albums and bootlegged recordings are among the most interesting and confusing aspects of The Beatles recorded legacy. Bruce Spizer’s fourth installment in his Beatles album series, The Beatles Finally Let It Be, covers the January 1969 rehearsals and recording sessions, the unreleased “Get Back” albums, “Let It Be” and “Let It Be…Naked,” along with American, British and Canadian perspectives. The book relies on articles from 1969 and 1970 magazines and newspapers to report on what fans knew about the sessions and the planned albums that were never issued, as well as reviews of the unreleased and released albums. The fan recollections chapter includes stories from those were fortunate enough to be up on the roof for The Beatles final public performance on January 30, 1969. The Beatles Finally Let It Be is the perfect companion to the books in the album series and the Get Back documentary.



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