1. Bones Owens Love Out Of Lemons Signed album cover
  2. Bones Owens Love Out Of Lemons Signed album cover
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  4. Bones Owens Love Out Of Lemons Signed album cover
  5. Bones Owens Love Out Of Lemons (Bone)
  6. Bones Owens Love Out Of Lemons (Bone)

Bones Owens — Love Out Of Lemons (Signed!)

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Bone White Vinyl in Exclusive SIGNED! Album Cover

On Owens’ sophomore album, Love Out Of Lemons, the Nashville troubadour continues to evolve his cultured rock songwriting while capturing the energy of his renowned live shows. Love Out Of Lemons collects deeply grooving snapshots of carefree times and top-down drives with subtleties that linger long after the party’s over. The album is a blithe dive into his eclectic, nuanced rock and alt-roots sensibilities, from the genre-fluid grooves of heyday War to the lean bluesy influence of Creedence Clearwater Revival.

“This record sort of picks up where my debut full-length left off,” offers Owens. “Energetic rock very typical of my live show. I wanted to do another record that was largely rock, but also for it to have more than one gear.”

The album’s intentions are clear from the first bars of the opening title track; an irresistibly head-bobbing, outdoorsy strut that explores relationships from which love will never bloom, no matter how hard one or both parties try. “I was thinking of Eric Burdon or War as kind of the starting point for that song,” Owens recalls. “I think it’s perfect that the record is coming out in the summer … because it very much feels like a sunny day, drivin’-down-the-road soundtrack to me.”

Album Artwork by Matt Cliff. All copies signed personally by Bones Owens at our in-store event on July 13, 2024!

Released: 7/12/24

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Label: Thirty Tigers

Variant: Bone White

Format: LP

  1. Love Out Of Lemons
  2. Devil Gonna Getcha
  3. For Keeps
  4. Get It On
  5. Summer Skin
  6. Sinking Like A Stone
  7. Born Again
  8. Goin’ Back Where I Came From
  9. Don’t Hold Out On Me
  10. Higher Than I Wanna Be
  11. You Some More