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Black Keys — Ohio Players

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IEX Apple Red Vinyl

Ohio Players is The Black Keys’ fourth album in five years, a momentum with a simple explanation according to Dan Auerbach: “We never stopped recording.” There was his and Patrick Carney’s reunion, after a five-year hiatus, on 2019’s Let’s Rock, then the 2021 blast of Mississippi-hill-country covers, Delta Kream. A rapid-fire follow-up of new originals, 2022’s Dropout Boogie, featured the duo working with outside writers for the first time: Greg Cartwright of Memphis rockers Reigning Sound and Angelo Petraglia, who has worked with Kings Of Leon and the teenage Taylor Swift. (Cartwright and Petraglia are back for Ohio Players too.)

“We’d never worked harder to make a record,” Auerbach says. “It’s never taken us this long to make an album. We took our time and did it right.”

“What we wanted to accomplish with this record was make something that was fun,” Carney says. “And something that most bands 20 years into their career don’t make, which is an approachable, fun record that is also cool.”

While making Ohio Players, a title inspired by the legendary Dayton, Ohio, funk band of the same name, The Black Keys were also DJing dance parties in cities around the world that they called “record hangs,” spinning 45s from their own eclectic and growing collections.

Mojo reports: “The spirit of those parties infused the album’s DNA. ‘That’s been the fun of it,’ says Auerbach. ‘Letting go a little bit.’”

Released: 4/5/24

Label: Nonesuch

Variant: IEX: Red

Format: 1 LP

  1. This Is Nowhere
  2. Don’t Let Me Go
  3. Beautiful People (Stay High)
  4. On The Game
  5. Only Love Matters
  6. Candy And Her Friends (Feat. Lil Noid)
  7. I Forgot To Be Your Lover
  8. Please Me (Till I’m Satisfied)
  9. You’ll Pay
  10. Paper Crown (Feat. Beck And Juicy J)
  11. Live Till I Die
  12. Read Em And Weep
  13. Fever Tree
  14. Every Time You Leave